Born in 1975 in Hakodate, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.

About Artist

Kimura finished Tokyo's Musashino Art University Graduate School, painting course, in 2001, and has since produced oeuvre that combines sculpture, dynamic installation with a painting dicipline. Her works are often supplemented by various other forms of expression: performance, films, texts, etc. Her works are also often political and questioning the world and established boundaries.

Sine the late 2000's, Kimura has developed works with delicate and variable matirials such as paper, lint or plastic. then began focusing more on body, using plastic sculputure in her installations, and placing these double of herself in various locations. she has been exploring the question of what constitutes human body and world, through her own body.

Kimura says "our body crystalizes interfacially in the air filled with difference".


born in Hokkaido, Japan
Internship program at Queens Museum of Art, NY, USA
B.A. in Paintig, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
/cum laud with Negishi Prize and Scholarship
M.A. in Painting, Graduate School of Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
/cum laud with first prize

Selected Exhibitions)

"Art Scholorship Awards 2001, NANJO Fumio Prize Show", Exhibit LIVE, Tokyo, Japan
Solo Show "TOUSOU Institution TOUSOU", Gallery FAL, Tokyo, Japan
"Tokyo WALTZ", Alpha M Project + BTAP Tokyo Gellery, Tokyo, Japan
"Tokorozawa Biennale, Pre Exhibition", Saitama, Japan
"Stations 2008", Tokyo Station Gallery + Tsurumi Line, JR East Japan, Kanagawa, Japan
"The Daydream", Kawaguchi Municipal Art Atelier ATLIA, Saitama, Japan
"Tokorozawa Biennale 1", Saitama, Japan
Solo Show "Reiko's Studying Abroad For The Art At Izumo", TEZEN Museum, Shimane, Japan
"City Beats + Live Explosions",BankART, Kanagawa, Japan
"Asian Shadows", GTS Art Project, Tokyo, Japan
Solo Show "Topology of Study for Ghost", Koganei Art Spot chateau2F, Tokyo, Japan
Solo Show "Crystal Canopy", Otenin, Osaka, Japan
"Rokko Meets Art", Hyogo, Japan
"Hakone Meets Art - Tamatebako in the Forest", The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Kanagawa, Japan
"Art Program Ome 2014", Tokyo, Japan
Solo Show "THE CRITICAL GAUZE", National Hansen's Disease Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Reviews, Interviews, Publications, etc.)

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"BT | Bijutsu Techo", April 2014, Interview by Ryo Sawayama
"PEELER", March 2012, Text by Shigeru Takashima

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TV, Radio, etc. ))
Interview"A-HO", 2014, Fuji TV
"Shin Nichiyo Bijutsukan", 2008, NHK
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Interview"NHK Radio", 2008, NHK

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